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1- Ok please introduce yourselves, the band, its history, your aspirations, plans, etc...

1- Hello everyone, we are Destroy Babylon from Torino, Italy. We have been playing together since August 2006 when we decided to change our name from xAbsencex into Destroy Babylon due to some line up changes…now the band is Gabriele on drums, Luca on guitar, Yof on bass and me, Fabio, on the mic. I thought of this name to pay tribute to the one of the best hardline magazines from the nineties plus I thought it was a really direct, powerful, easy to pronounce and easy to remember name. Everyone else in the band agreed and we just picked it. Me and Gabriele are the only original members from xAbsencex and we thought that it would be challenging to play with a new name, new songs, new style with the same old attitude and aggressive lyrics. Now I am going to take some time to write down and answer very carefully to your questions as I think you are the one of the most intelligent people I have ever met within the hardcore scene so I want to try to reveal my thoughts and myself 100% to you to maybe even clarify what is really in my heart and my head these days after 16 years of vegan straight edge on my shoulders…maybe some answers won’t make some of you happy but this is going to be me to the fullest.

2-In "diamonds are not forever" you touch in an interesting topic that is often overlooked, can you tell me a bit more about this lyric? what can be done?

2- I am happy to start off talking about this song which is one of the most intense of the whole album we wrote. Diamonds are not forever is obviously an ironic statement against De Beers controversial slogan and marketing campaign which has been one of the best realized and profitable marketing operations during the whole 20th century. Ivory coast, South Africa, Sierra Leone are just a few of the countries where diamonds were and are still extracted to serve western countries where obviously the mainstream public couldn’t give a fuck about the incredibly unethical conditions of the workers and wars behind this luxury dream called diamond. Even if some countries committed to import only so called “conflict-free diamonds” illegal shit is still distributed on the side. Obviously as long as stupid whores desire this meaningless status and dumb fucks still give support to their fuckin wishes then we will keep feeding this deadly machine. It’s all about the final demand. The same shit happens with modern day slavery like ships of prostitutes which touch our land every morning and children sold and tattooed for ownership in third world countries. This is not a joke. This shit happens more than we can imagine. People are objectified and deprived of every single human right. This happens for organ trafficking to war recruiting and this is one of the most horrid crimes we could dream of. In the song I even stressed the concept of white man cultural invasion in every corner of the planet. I talk about the “ assimilation act” which is one of the most horrible planned out crimes a government ever came up with. It happened last century in Australia where aborigines were forced to copulate with white people to make shades of black die into white, as their ultimate goal. I cant think of anything more degrading. It didn’t happen in the middle age, it was a few decades ago…its fuckin insane…this operation created full generations of a grey race with no past and no memories and without cultural references. We are the true originators of global genocide. My simple answer to this is to make the demand cease. Easy as that. If the market is out there with motherfuckers biting off our neck is because people within from the so called first do ask for drugs, do ask for diamonds, do ask for bullshit they don’t need just to give some gratification to their meaningless and shallow life. We live in a history phase made of incredible media lying, insane world spread terrorism played on every side but still the majority of western people live full hypocrisy where everything is forgotten and overlooked. Our daily routine doesn’t allow us to view things from a higher perspective. We are the ones feeding pharmaceutical companies, we are the ones feeding the lies behind AIDS, we are the ones accepting Zionism, we are the ones swallowing what CNN news push down our throat, we are the ones still associating the swastika with a nazi symbolism, we are the ones submitting to police brutality, we see our rights stepped on every day but we are the ones who basically feed ignorance upon ignorance on every aspect of our existence and this is scary. We are both killers and victims of this sick system. Ghettos and suburbs of every town and city in the world are flooded with mediatic mainstream invasion and this is what makes me really scared today.

"3 - We are the vanguard in this war"
tell me a bit more about "this war" and and the need to fight it, tell me why you consider yourselves a vanguard. How is this reflected on your daily lives?

3- Sometimes I think that true liberation can only live and die within us, every other vision would be purely naïve and falsely hopeful. Sometimes I even believe that people don’t want to listen and some do deserve to truly get fucked, no joke. In opposition to this negative picture I still believe though that we have the moral obligation to ourselves first and especially to the ones we care about to give voice to our thoughts and try to start a positive domino effect to influence more and more people to embrace a more humane lifestyle. We are the vanguard means that we cannot hide behind a false mask, we must be the ones who need to speak out against all evils we see perpetuated day after day. This is not a song, this has nothing to do with hardcore or a scene, this is not what I chose to do after school. This is a real fight, its something I go to sleep with and wake up for, every fuckin day of my life. I have been trying to set the same values into my daily life.. I gave years when I was younger to go out there in the woods to hunt sab when I lived in England, almost every weekend for 4 years. I would be forced to listen to dumb fucking comments about how my school freinds had so much fun on the weekends and how much they drank and how much they fucked and how miserable they felt on Monday morning after all the crazy partying….I would keep my shit to myself and I would think of the fights, the hunters, the abuses I witnessed and the efforts I gave putting always the cause in front of my own wishes and desires. I was scared most of those times as I had the number of our lawyer written on my arm in case of arrest. What I am talking about here is something absolutely “legal” I did, just to make it clear for those who might take it the wrong way… Later on in my life I have tried to combine my commitment to animal/earth and human liberation to something which would guarantee me food and shelter so I started Eblood, a clothing company born back in 1998. The early days were not easy as I had absolutely no money and no experience whatsoever but combining work and ethics was all I wanted to do. I lived in my car for more than 2 years trying to push my samples and trying to sell my shit at festivals around Europe creating connections and giving back to hardcore what hardcore gave to me. Eblood has been for more than 10 years my way to give voice to my thoughts and choices. It was not easy and now its harder than ever. Things have grown a lot over a decade and now we are having some problems with the management of the company. Unfortunately when you operate in a capitalist system made of competitors, taxes, rules, distribution, reps, shops, bounced checks and all this shit, you sometimes forget the initial fire that made you start the whole project. I want to keep fighting to make everything work smoothly again and try to make my dream still go on. It might take different ways in the future but I am sure I will make it. I know no other way to survive anyway. I am so proud when I hear of people trying to create valid alternatives within their communities opening cruelty free barber shops or beauty centers or restaurants and art galleries. We have the power to be creative and we must learn to use our creativity to progress and give our fight a real name. It doesn’t matter if you decide to embrace legal or illegal activities. I will be on your side as long as you are working towards earth animal and human liberation. Many times words fail so I guess direct action is the only option we are left with. Up to every single one of us which way to take. What kills is passivity.

4-Most of your lyrics revolve around a militant vegan straight edge ethic. Do you see the vegan straight edge as the central key to a change in the world? Do you think that there is a strong potential in these ideas and in this scene? How could it be adopted on a more global basis?

4- This is hard to answer. I don’t want to sound too negative but realistically I think the only true reasonable steps we can take right now is to improve ourselves for our own good well being. I don’t want to sound contradictory when I say that being a living example can set to the steps towards social change but we cannot live the expectations to see that happening before our eyes. To take al this to straight edge I want to recall this nice spoken word done by the singer of Eye of Judgement that says “if I wanted to do drugs I would but I don’t wanna do fuckin drugs”…I am vegan straight edge because I don’t know any better way to live my life. Its not a choice, its pure necessity. Period. I am vegan cause I wouldn’t feel right to harm animals for my own pleasure and for the millions reasons you all know and I am straight edge because the society we live in and this dominant culture make me sick. To me straight edge represents so much more than a set of rules against substance consumption. To me straight edge means opposition, resistance to the status quo. It is my way to say no those who try to humiliate my intelligence and try to tell me how to eat, drink, consume, have fun, smile, fuck, love…noway. I am a free individual. I am a fee thinker. I even think straight edge has some deep flows and weaknesses as it evolved in a somehow naïve conservative way in my eyes. I am not here to point my finger against anyone as I believe now that I am 33 years old, that there is no absolute truth. There’s not one truth, sorry Strife…life is so fuckin complex and it involves so many shades of grey…being vegan straight edge wont change the world but it will surely change the way you look at the world and it will surely change the way the world looks at you. Funny I have been called many names throughout the years, from fascist to Nazi and all this crap but all I witnessed in my personal life is discrimination from other people towards me, maybe not so direct or immediate but in the long run being vegan sxe made other people live their choices in a very uncomfortable way that led to break ups and emotional breakdowns. Maybe vegan sxe is not the only possible solution for all of us. If your father hang himself when you were 14, if you ran away from home and witnessed nothing but sexual abuse and drug abuse all your teenage years and you had no adult taking care of you developed bipolar depression or other psychotic traumas then I don’t know how you would react to what life brings to you in times of need and desperation. I am nobody to judge. Sure all this cant be an excuse to perpetuate evil attitudes but I cant openly deny that this person’s reactions and attitude might change from someone who lived in a balanced warm happy environment. All of our history does build who we are and when I see fucked up junkies I don’t point my finger anymore that fast as life cant be that simplistic. I am happy that I was given the chance to have loving parents, a great brother and some decent schooling. I appreciate this. And I cant spit sentences like a red neck out there against those who had less luck and less possibilities. We all have potential and its never too late to walk away and say no to all the bullshit around us but for some of us the path could be longer and surely harder. as someone else before me stated: who dares wins…so please think twice before you give a quick judgement…it smells like ignorant to me.

5-Would you guys personally stop socializing with people who sold out the edge? How important is this stance for you guys?

5- Straight edge saved my life and it ruined the lives of many. No, I don’t have a problem to socialize with sell outs but it all really depends what you consider a sell out. As I stated before life can be complex and some choices involve very intimate consequences. I have witnessed the rise and the downfall of many scenes especially here in Europe like H8000, Umea in Sweden, the Legion in Rome…tons of kids decided to throw themselves into some life time commitment that only lasted for a few years and sometimes just a few months. Now, I have it tattooed on my arms: death to all traitors. This goes out to all those guys who held the flag of vegan sxe high and now are spitting on it making the domino effect go backwards and creating negative vibes against one of the most profound choices an individual can make. If you decide to start drinking because you feel that u need that to fit better or socialize or hit on chicks better its your own fucking choice. Maybe I wont respect it but I wont attack you and I will never deny you my friendship as I understand some things in life may change and the fire you probably had when you were 21 you don’t have it when you are 34 with a wife, a kid, a mortgage, death of a father and real life problems hitting you on a daily basis…what really pisses me off is those fuckin monsters who lived the edge for months or years defending its values and now turning their back on it from superficial needs and now spitting venom against the revolutionary potential of living free from addictions and far from cruelty against animals. These people I condemn to eternal fire. They stand for everything I hate. I am nobody to judge but I really cant stand when these turncoats point their finger at me and they try to underline my inconsistencies. Of course I am not perfect and the truth is that I don’t wanna be fuckin perfect and pure. I am a scumbag punk lowlife who just tries his best every day with everything he does, from his work, to his band, to his personal relationships to love and friendship. Who the fuck are you to condemn my way of life and spit on my coherence? I live my personal revolution living my life with an open heart, sharing my thoughts, my emotions, my values and my love with everyone close enough to feel the power of my devotion and commitment. I make mistakes like everyone else but I am fuckin proud of who I am and what I stand for. I wonder how these people look in the mirror when they wake up every day…sure its always easier to choose the most beaten path and fit social entertainment but you know what? Fuck them and fuck their selfishness. I will stick to my guns, I will keep fighting for what I believe is right. I might shed some tears sometimes but I never thought true warriors were dumb fuck thugs. Warriors have a heart of a king. Never forget this.

6-Is there any flirting with anarchist ideals within destroy babylon or do you think it is possible to achieve certain goals within a democratic-capitalist state?

6- Let’s evaluate the world we live in. The world is not made of hardcore tshirts, myspace fights, mosh, collectors, gigs, festivals and sneakers only…at least not the real world. Bruno, I don’t think you and me will ever be able to bring any radical change into our society. I don’t believe in capitalism…more and more I am getting fuckin sick of blind consumption. I try to buy less and spend less money and I swear I am trying to live very simply. In the last years I tried to mix up with mainstream society a bit more as I was feeling like my brain was burning and I was literally burning all bridges around me. I tried, I gave my best but I guess I was born to be a true outcast. I consider myself a fuckin junkie now. I live in the junkie limbo. On one side I see the masses walking on their sidewalks consuming and laughing and living the easy life; on the other side I see the alternative so called underground kids behaving the same fuckin way. I cant see any revolutionary actions anymore, at least around me I see unbalanced passivity on all sides and this makes me feel so alone sometimes. I know drugs wouldn’t work on me to make me forget about the state of emergency we live in and I thank God for this as I know I would die of overdose in 2 weeks if I believed they would help me forget. Anarchism is such a wonderful word. It takes me to DIY productions and self sustainable realities and communes. Yes, I give all my support to all those kids who try to live far from mainstream offer/demand logics. I give full support to freedom fighters and free thinkers as they are a font of inspiration for me. People like Mumia, Barry horne, Leonard Peltier, Rod Coronado and those who scarified and still sacrifice their life for freedom will always have a special place in my heart as they represent true inspiration for me. I know we will not achieve a social revolution now at least as long as bread will be on our table and people will have the illusion to live in a free world but I am sure that every single one of our actions could be revolutionary, starting from being careful to who we give our money to all the way to how we take care of the people we care about. When I read Ishmael for the first time I really thought that we had a way out of civilization. Lately I have seen Into the Wild which also made me think a lot. We could escape our reality and build communities far from civilized men but problems wouldn’t disappear. Somehow I think it would be a selfish idea to just run away and not fight the evils around us. Its like the same kind of selfishness that I feel when I see people chanting their life away and trying to find their own inner balance only totally overlooking the victims of our world and forgetting that we are the ones who must move our ass and counter attack. But again, every single of us needs peace and love at some point and we are all so different that we cant expect everyone to behave the same and react the same.

7-You often mention revolution (bloody...) in your lyrics, what goes on in your minds when you think of it? what is your concept of revolution? who would be put against a wall?
what would happen next?

7- We are the revolution, we don’t have to wait for it. As I just said I look at my daily choices and see where I can improve so that my impact on the world around me will just have a positive feedback from all these choices. I lived such a strong evolution in my life that I consider my whole existence a revolutionary mission. I grew up in a small town down south in Italy where I can guarantee you that nothing like vegetarian or punk or underground or subculture was heard of. I came to contact with the whole thing when I first hit the US when I was 16 and met the singer of Onward, one of the first European sxe bands form Norway. The whole symbolism of the X and what it stood for blew me away and it all started from there. Going back to my hometown and living the X but still trying to cope with straight out unawareness was not easy. Just to give you an example of how bad it was people around me didn’t have a clue of who Madonna or Prince or sex pistols or U2 were, and I was there listening to underground tapes I had from the states like Beyond, Alone in a crowd, instead and all seminal sxe bands…not that listening to those bands made me a better person at all but its just to stress the concept that there was absolutely no bridges between me and my environment. I was the walking definition of outcast. I got beat up a so many times for the stupidest reasons like wearing baggy jeans or just a simple hat. I am talking real fights. At least I got really good at defending myself. The hard way. At least now I am not scared when it comes to risking my life. I had broken teeth, a broken nose, broken ankles so I don’t give a fuck now. I know how to counter attack. It wasn’t easy. I got a gun pointed at my face twice and all around me was crime, drug dealing, people dying of overdose, no kind of subculture what so ever, no punk, no new wave, no skateboarding, no heavy metal, no nothing…it was bad, very bad. When I saw LA for the first time and its ghettos in south central it was like paradise for me really with all these trees and green. I bet all those Compton guys would get their pants wet if they lived back then for one month straight where I grew up. I don’t want to sound tough. It is plain truth. We had no hip hop no style, no gangs, just straight out violence and poverty. No coolness. If you didn’t know how to respond to violence you were dead, either physically or psychologically, believe me. Going back to your question I totally feel like my whole life has been truly revolutionary. I don’t think that revolution must necessarily stand for social uprising. You can live a revolution in your work place, in your school, in your community. You can stick to your guns and your beliefs and go against the grain, not necessarily by carrying a gun and by shooting people down. Small choices can have such a strong powerful effect onto other people and sometimes we don’t realize that…we are walking weapons, we just have to learn to use our power to make things evolve step by step. Straight edge in the end was the most powerful thing that happened in my life. It made me who I am today. It made me start singing for Absence, it made me inspire other kids, it made me start Eblood clothing, it made me open a shop. My life turned for the better. From sleeping in my car and a living with my girlfriend in a 45 squared meter one bedroom flat I was finally able to buy a nice apartment and look at me now, I cant complain about anything, at least when it comes to materialistic needs. I have way more than what I need. I can travel around the world and be sure I get to hang out with the most crazy cool people around in every country you can think of, from Colombia to Japan, from Canada to Sweden. Straight edge literally saved my life. And someone wants to make me believe this is not a pure true successful revolution?

8-how black and white is the abortion issue for you guys?
do you consider it a possibility in certain cases, no cases at all? pro-choice? pro-life? your thoughts on this please...

8- This is a hard one. I will just say this. Our drummer Gabriele has a daughter, Sara. She was not planned and of course it was not easy for him and his girlfriend to solve financial problems especially in Italy where our economy is so weak and public assistance is fuckin ridiculous compared to other countries. Things were not easy but look at Sara now, 5 years old and beautiful as pure sunshine. I can not even imagine the world without her. So I don’t know. Maybe some years ago I would have given you a straight black and white answer on this topic but this is so damn personal and intimate and dangerous and it would be just immature to scream some pro life slogans just for the sake of it. Of course I don’t believe in abortion as a birth control method like many people do see it. I think a life is a life from time of conception and only 21 days after this a new heart begins its own beat so what the fuck, we are not God to decide who must or must not live. I am still prolife but I feel uncomfortable to talk about this now. I guess kids need to be aware that having sex does imply consequences. Sure its fun, sure its fuckin thrilling but when it comes to innocent life then we just cant be stupid and superficial. We all know how we can prevent something like this so I will not tell you not to fuck. Just don’t fuck other lives.

9-Spiritually what is the religious tradition you feel closest to? Is there any importance in having spiritual beliefs in this world? do you see any relevance for it in the sxe scene?

9- I can talk on a very individual level here. I believe spirituality is damn important in my life, yes. I am fascinated by religions and the power they had and still have within our communities. You will always find books near my bed of texts related to old prophets or new theories and new interpretations of old creeds. From Lao to Confucio to Mohammed, I love to read about it all… I don’t pray any God but I do believe that we are all One, I do believe we are not just points floating throughout time and space. If this was the case then the whole concept of good and evil would have no purpose to even exist and this would create chaos, absolute chaos. I read a lot about Christianity and Islam, I read a lot about Krishna and Taoism, I try to read as much as I can on pagan tributes and old rituals in northern Europe or even about sects and spiritual leaders such as Charles Manson and the ATWA, as it is really fascinating for me to understand how human communities all needed to create their own myths to maybe escape reality or maybe embrace higher wisdom. I am too sceptical to believe in one man made set of rules. I know a lot of people who follow Krishna or other specific beliefs would find some of my comments full of nonsense as they might say that nothing is man made but you know, I don’t believe in reincarnation for example or other things they believe in so I guess at some point my views get divergent. I do believe spirituality can help people find inner peace and inner balance. My fear though is that in western countries many people, especially teenagers, approach exotic religions just to fit a mind created cool path to freedom and they believe only in what they want to believe and they see only what they want to see. Somehow they build a manipulated shield behind which they can hide their weaknesses. If your prayers and chants make you feel more happy with yourself then I will never talk shit about it. I will respect you for this. What pisses me off again is when I hear people spelling Gods will and then all I witness is them hurting themselves and everybody else around them. This hypocrisy makes me sick. What I find fascinating is to realize how religions and especially Christianity in this side of the world built emotions and concepts that people don’t even consider as man made like the sense of guilt or pudor which in many cases condition our life and actions. I think about sexuality as one of the most intense and controversial aspects of our daily life for instance and I try to think how we would live it without restraint if Christianity didn’t deviate our Culture throughout the centuries. I even think that the punk hardcore community has often been blinded by this. I remember I was in Ieper in 2001 and some guy got naked cause it was really hot and cause maybe he just wanted to have some fun with his freinds. Well, I remember hearing lots of gossips and comments on how negative this thing was and immoral this image looked…are you fuckin kidding me? What dictates our morality? Are we the real vanguard of a revolutionary free thinking? What we believe its our own decision is often guided by what we have been breathing since day one and we must reconsider what we have been taught since the day of our birth. The Matrix we live in has built social interactions based often on cultural lies which builds barriers between the real human condition and the life they tell us we must live in order to fit in and be “social”. Nothing new, but it is our duty to question our truth and our certainties as these are often the direct by product of centenary misconceptions. Who can judge one’s sexuality? What makes your sense of guilt rise? I have no problem with someone who wants to enjoy the beauty of life in every single one of his/her aspect far from human cultural conditioning as long as obviously this behaviour doesn’t hurt or step on anyone else’s freedom and emotions. That’s why I think that what the hippies tried to do back in the sixties was something truly revolutionary. Too bad they have been destroyed by drugs and self isolation that led to inevitable collective suicide. Free love is a concept I am fascinated by and I wont tolerate any stupid conservative blinded white trash judgement on this. Straight edge was also conceived in my eyes within a conservative kind of life vision which overlooked the boundaries that Mother Culture has built around us. I think spirituality must help you realize who you are and what you stand for and should help you clear your head, fill your heart, clench your fists and fight. Everything leads to the realization that we are nothing and everything at the same time so we must pay respect to mother nature and all so called creation and feel as One with it, and this is one of the main reasons why I think it so important for us in western countries to embrace a vegan cruelty free lifestyle for example. As I said earlier, sometimes some people just focus on their own well being and chant their whole life away and that is somehow kind of selfish in my eyes. I know I would never just focus on myself as I witness corruption and evil all around me every day and I don’t want to escape reality. I cant escape reality. I want to look within myself yes, but I want to find the strength to stand up and fight against those who step on our brain every day. And this is why I call myself straight edge. This is the true reason.

10-You guys toured japan,tell us please some interesting stories from those days?

10- Japan was an intense experience. As we arrived the guys who organized our tour came to pick us at the airport. It was Hiro and Kobayashi from Loyal to the Grave, maybe the biggest local band in Tokyo. They drove us into town where people were waiting for us at a recording studio as they wanted me to record some vocals on one of their tracks. It was maybe 2 oclock in the morning and after a 21 hour flight it was not the best of things but i gave it a good try and the final result was excellent. We have played some really good shows in both Tokyo and Osaka. Obviously the culture shock was big, especially if you are vegan sxe as they have little notion of what it truly stands for. We just met one vegan kid. Eating was not easy for us and every morning it was funny as they would wake us up at 7 to enjoy our breakfast which was a big glass of water with ice. Nothing else. We survived on Natto and vegan sushi but I guess it was all good in the end. No big deal. Japanese guys are very disciplined and its part of their culture to just try to please you in every way. They smile at you even when maybe they don’t think you are doing something cool to them but I guess its not part of their culture to create beef. They are so friendly that sometimes I even felt embarrassed. What really touched me though is that we played some Absence songs and those guys were singing along to them. Seeing 300 kids who live more than 15000 miles away from me singing to my lyrics that I wrote in my room in 1994 really made me emotional. I don’t know if they ever spent the time to read my lyrics but I want to believe that I inspired some of them to embrace a cruelty free lifestyle maybe. At the end of the festival in Tokyo I did a spoken word and I asked this guy from Sweden to translate for me on stage into Japanese so that everyone could understand what I was saying. What shocked me is that the whole crowd started screaming “thank you” and this again gave me goose bumps. I have lots of good memories. Hopefully we will be able to go back there. I guess I will never be thankful enough to hardcore and straight edge to give me/us the chance to travel across the globe and still find such brotherhood. Hopefuly we will toru south America this coming winter. I am even thinking of taking 6 months off and travel across the world and do a personal straight edge tour touching as many countries as I can, take notes, take pictures, maybe write a book about it and visit as many old and new potential friends that I can. Once I reach financial stability I will make this dream come true.

11-You had the guts to release a high quality recording totally free to everyone, i am sure some well known hardcore labels would have wanted to release it and most of the bands would probably never have the guts to do it.
tell me something about the decision to do this, goals in mind and results till now.

11- In the beginning the idea was to publish the record on Catalyst or Storm of Justice. Both labels had previous agreements with other bands so we would have to wait more than 6 months to get it pressed. In the meanwhile we talked an decided to just go hardcore all the way. We wrote a simple statement which declares our intention to just upload it for free so that everyone could listen to it without any kind of boundary. It was not financially intelligent as we lost money but it was the most ethical thing we could do. I always believed in the DIY ethic and nothing can be more powerful now than internet as a platform to make your voice heard. I believe that hardcore is not and should never be conditioned by marketing schemes. I truly suffer when I see labels creating shit like ring tones or other teenage bullshit entertainment devices. This is not punk. This is not hardcore. Hardcore is about resistance, it was never and it will never be about entertainment. Once you hit stage its our responsibility to speak the truth. I leave entertaining to other artists. If you wanna make money then go and play in some boy band or join some fake hip hop crew, if you want to hit on chicks start playing some emo glam shit. Hardcore is not about the fun and games. Its about confrontation and growth, it’s a war we declare on human stupidity and greed. I think music as an art form should be free for everyone to enjoy. Like Immortal technique says we must all kick it live. Fetish collectibles are not for me. Colored vinyl and limited edition shit makes no sense to me. This is what is making me angry in the scene lately as i see younger kids only devoted to superficial shit neglecting the real potential of hardcore as a confrontational platform made of individuals striving to create a better tomorrow. In the end though I still believe that the hardcore scene is a great basis for individuals maybe a little bit more sensitive to specific topics. I respect hardcore as it gave me the strength to overcome some really hard periods in my life. I called hardcore home many times and I know I will always find good hearted and mind alike people who will give me shelter and food if needed and this is what I call love. This is what every single one of us needs in order to breathe peace and balance. And I found it within hardcore more than once when I witnessed betrayal from outside broken fucked up relationships and delusions. So this is why I think hardcore is more than music and what we did with our record was nothing but give hardcore what hardcore has given us, strength, respect and inspiration.

Thanks for giving me the time to clarify my views on all these topics. I would talk for hours about this…maybe I will start a book one day for real. My dream is that of surviving on a few bucks, go dumpster diving and visit all my straight edge brothers and sisters worldwide. Fuck sxe gangs, fuck stupidity, fuck hypocrisy and greed. Hail to the wolves out there. You are not alone.

Forever true

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