ARM THE SPIRIT - "September the Black".

finally ATS 1st ep is now ready for download - it includes 4 tracks, artwork (cd size in case you wanna print), and pdf explanation of themes and lyrics. This is vegan straight edge folk at its best.

This Time presenting the amazing TESTAMENT (not the metal band...yes, yes those were quite good as well...)

"I am not a rapper, I am just a revolutionary that raps good. My lyrics are bricks I use to shatter apathy and the status quo. Wether I'm spittin to a live DJ scratchin, acapella spoken word style, a beat-boxer on the street, or a punk-rock drum beat, I never pull punches or shy away from spreading confrontational dissent through powerful, thought-provoking rhymes. I'm here to change hip-hop and steal its soul back from the glorified violence, materialism, sexism, and racism that the music industry creates promotes and markets for their own capitalist purposes. The revolution will not be signed to a record deal... DIY or die. Raised Fist Collective coming soon..."