Da Youth Are Getting Restless!


Machetero: an interesting movie on the struggle 
for puerto-rican independence.

Huey P. Newton: a rare interview with one of the most charismatic leaders of the Black Panther Party

SubComandante Marcos: and the 4th world war.

Move Organization: Ramona Africa talks with Democracy now about the 1985 incident between Philadelphia Police and the MOVE Organization.

Sea Shepherd: An introduction to this amazing people and their struggle.

Sheikh Hamza Yusuf: An inflamed speech by Sheikh Hamza Yusuf.

Noam Chomsky: A talk on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Norman Finkelstein: An interesting interview with the man who deconstructs zionism one piece at a time.

Native American Resistance: A comprehensive approach to the struggle of the American Indian Movement with a helpful historic perspective. Good music by Black Fire (native american Punk band)

Mumia Abu Jamal: a beautiful text by Mumia in Solidarity with Leonard Peltier.  

Nations on Fire: Probablyhe best hardcore SxE ever. totally underrated! If they were americans...

Abnegation: an oldie from a very early influential band in the xVSEx.

New Winds: in a very warm brazilian environment!

Earth x Crisis: Last show (pre-reunions) a mob chanting in unison!

Ward Churchill: a unique emotive moment in a conference.

Malcom X: On the dialetics of house vs field negroes. A comparison that can be applied to many social clashes!

Amiri Baraka: a beautiful poem by a great man and an activist!

Black Fire: a native american Punk band incredibly outspoken!

Warzone: well the video is amazing!

Rage against the machine: on Peltier and the Pine Ridge reservation!

Kanesatake Mohawk uprising at Oka 1990:the narrator is an white asshole redneck from the montreal gazette who has a clear prejudice against the native resistance but the power of the images are worth giving it a try. Learn more about it!

Kanesatake, Oka 1990 another official perspective:  a small piece showing the tension at the time. unfortunately again from the invaders perspective.

Galloway destroys an asshole:  respect!

Russell Means and the AIM 1973:  Wounded Knee protest.

Interview with Frau Meinhof:  Ulrike speaks her mind on political life, women and social change.

Video of the Reggae master Hayereyah:  Shapeshifters, shaytan and the NWO...

Hakim Bey:  Temporary Autonomous Zone... where sufism and anarchism intersect...

Alan Watts:  Conversations with myself 1 &2-a must see!

Robert Anton Wilson:  Conspiracy...

Terence Mckeena:  Culture is your enemy...

The Mighty Osho Rajneesh:  On not using the Palnet as a waiting room.

Chumbawamba:  The Digger's Song...

New Winds:  The new player (YA BASTA)!

Nueva Etica:  El tiempo es ahora (the time is now!)

Sunrise: finest Polish veganXedge

Youth of Today: No More...

Banksy: The Simpsons version.

The Polisario Front: West Sahara Free.

Allen Ginsberg: the infamous CIA song...

William Borroughs: no comments.

William Borroughs: .What Washington? What orders?

Jack Kerouac: Interview

Free the Angola 3: The song

The Angola 3: the story

Earth First!: Fire in the eyes part1

Earth First!: Fire in the eyes part 2

Rod Coronado: Explains his philosophy.

Utah Phillips: Vote with your body!

Ol'Billy Bragg: Which side are you on boys?

The Mighty Christy Moore: Goose green taking tea with Pinochet.

Howard Zinn on Empire

John Pilger on Obama and Empire

Vandana Shiva on global food crisis

Foucault & Chomsky…can’t get better than this…part1

Foucault & Chomsky…can’t get better than this…part2

The future of industrial society-Ted Kaczynski

Dead Prez on Hip Hop

Technique, Eminem & Mod Def – the towers…

Mahmoud Darwish - Homage

Chechen Zikr-Free Chechnya!!!

More Chechen Zikr…Free Chechnya!

Finkelstein strikes back!!!!  ….amazing!!!

Rachel Corrie. No comments.

Judi Bari:and the Earth First.