29th of December - Arm the Spirit ep is now avaiable for download check the AUDIO section!

25th of November - 2 old articles from the first sparks website. One of the beautiful Bialowieza Forest in
                               Poland by Suwalki Salvation Komitern. and one on Women's resistance in Tibet by
                               sister A. R.

2nd of November-interview with the mighty MUTABARUKA!!!

1st of November-interview with Richie Perez of the Young Lords Party and some interesting
                            documentns on the YLP in the WRITTEN section.

20th of October-Interview with Purification is up! Enjoy!

14th of October-A very good article on Chechnya added to the WRITTEN section, news on the Rod            
                           Coronado new arrest and, some nice track from TESTAMENT (the hiphop, not the              
                           metal) on the AUDIO section and a whole bunch of new videos in the VISUAL

10th of October - Some more amazing videos. Check the VISUAL section

9th of October. -  Some more videos added please check the VISUAL section
                            We have some more interviews on the works, it will probably take some weeks:
                            PAIN RUNS DEEP
                            an interview with an old Polish vegan edge classic. renewed. powerful.

                            after so much polemics, this one is promising.

                            new band with members from HELLO BASTARDS, STATEMENT, UNBORN.

                            primitivist green anarchy black metal.

                            RED SXE in SOUTH AMERICA
                            the interesting development of the Edge with a Communist touch in latin America.

                            RAY CAPPO
                            an unreleased old interview from the BTAT tour in Portugal.

                            Please check as well the new REVIEWS section.

                            Come back soon! We love you to pieces!